5 Most Amazing Tropical Islands in Thailand That Will Blow Your Mind Away
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5 Most Amazing Tropical Islands in Thailand That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Trying to shortlist the best islands in Thailand? We’ve got your back! Whether you’re a wayfarer who likes the off-beaten track or a bird of passage looking for natural spas, Tropical Islands in Thailand will fill your heart.

The best thing about the islands of Thailand is the dedicated corner for every type of traveller. From backpackers to families, party fanatics and couples on their honeymoon, you will find the tropical paradise far from boring. It’s easy to miss because they are hidden away in landlocked greenery far from the heart of the city.

As there are 1430 islands in Thailand, this list is the best of best. Our list of handpicked tropical islands in Thailand are breathtakingly picturesque, easy to reach, and

Let’s find your dream island.

Koh Pha Ngan Party Island

Koh Phangan, Haad Yuan Beach, Thailand.
Credits: Placesofjuma.com / Juma

In Thailand for? You’ve got to hit the neon-filled crazy beachside parties with fire dancers and buckets of booze in Koh Pha Ngan. They don’t close till sunrise! Truth be told, it’s a low-key vibe of the Burning Man by the beach.

Considered one of the largest islands of Thailand, there’s a lot more to Koh Pha Ngan than parties. It is half of New Mexico in size! That’s why finding wild parties to nestled away beaches in one place is a cakewalk.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Koh Pha Ngan?

The best season to laze around on the beaches of Ko Pha Ngan is the dry season from late December to March. It is mildly hot with low humidity unlike after April when it’s hot and humid with heavy downpours!

What to Do in Koh Phangan?

  • Enjoy Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
  • Book your trip around Half Moon, Black Moon or Full Moon parties
  • Go for Jet Skiing and Kayaking
  • Try Wakeboarding, Kiteboarding, and Para Sailing
  • Get lucky with Whale Shark Sightings
  • Walk or Hike to Bottle Beach!

Go Sail Rock!

Sail Rock 'Hin Bai' is best Dive Spot in the Gulf of Thailand-Koh Tao
Credits: Silentdivers.com

Which are some of the Best Beaches in Koh Phangan?

Haad Radin Beach: If you came for the best Full Moon Party experience, this is the beach to be!

Haad Radin Beach is peninsular beach area and town on the southern tip of Ko Phangan.
Credits: Kosamui.com

Sunrise Beach: Watch the neon red sun paint the sky carnelian above the lashing waves.

Sunrise Beach in Hat Chao Ley, Thailand
Credits: Gettingstamped.com

Salad Beach: Go for a rejuvenating swim and bask in the evening!

Salad Beach is a secret little haven on Koh Pha Ngan
Credits: Flickr / Sofia Rose takes photos

How to Reach Koh Pha Ngan?

Located between Koh Tao and Koh Samui, you can reach Koh Phangan by plane or boat. The nearest airport and ferry to Ko Phangan is in Koh Samui.

Koh Lipe the Budget Tropical Island of Thailand

L-shaped Koh Lipe island in thailand.
Credits: Flickr / Wil

Want a memorable experience? Stay in a bamboo hut perched atop hills gazing into the ocean. They are easy to find and affordable too. Mojitos as really cheap on Koh Lipe island; so, go splurge!

Koh Lipe is an island to walk around because you won’t find any cars here. Yes, you read me right! Bikes and scooters are the only form of commute on this island.

Whether you’re in Thailand for a romantic rendezvous or a rollercoaster holiday, Koh Lipe must be on your list. But, the longboat taxis usually drop you in shallow waters near the shore and you might have to step into the water with your luggage.

What to Do in Koh Lipe?

  • Enjoy Bbq Seafood on the Street
  • FYOB: Find Your Own (Private) Beach
  • Snorkel in and enjoy the living coral reefs
  • Try Sea Kayaking to a new island
  • Yoga on the Beach Watching the Sunset or Sunrise
  • Hike to Koh Lipe View Point (Adang) to watch the aquamarine waters.

Go walking by the beach at night to see Bioluminescent Plankton

Bioluminescent Plankton at Koh Lipe Thailand
Credits: Pinterest / Lara Moragrega

Which are the Best Beaches in Koh Lipe?

  • Pattaya Beach: Hotspot for parties and vibrant nightlife
  • Billa Beach: Rocky turquoise water overlooking the Andaman Sea
  • Hat Pramong: Ideal for watching breathtaking sunsets
  • Sanom Beach: Best to see the exotic birds of the jungle around the curb

When Is the Best Time to Visit Koh Lipe?

While the best time to visit is November to April owning to the sunny weather, Koh Lipe is usually crowded during pre covid season. The Low Season is from May until October with high humidity and rains.

How to Reach Koh Lipe?

You can reach Koh Lipe by boat from Pak Bara pier or Koh Lanta throughout the year.  You can fly to Trang, Hat Yai or Langkawi is also good to reach this island. More on it, later!

Koh Tao Small Tropical Island

Koh Tao is a small paradise island located in the gulf of Thailand.
Credits: Tripfuser.com

Great food and mind-blowing parties define Koh Tao for a decade. Being a petite island, it is easy to cover by foot, especially if you’re into trekking or hiking. The hotspot for scuba diving, Koh Tao also hosts full moon parties like Koh Phangan.

If you love diving, this is the paradise you’re looking for!

What to Do in Koh Tao?

  • Learn Scuba PADI with the Cheapest Price Starting from $250 (season may vary)
  • Go on Discovery Dives 12m deep into the Sea
  • Swim with the coloured and striped fishes
  • Rent Scooter or 4WD to go exploring the island
  • Trek to John-Suwan Viewpoint
  • Snorkelling at Ao Tanote Beach
  • Pub Crawl on Wednesdays, Fridays and Mondays
  • Enjoy the swing by the beachside at Sunset

Which are the Best Beaches in Koh Tao?

Au Leuk: A tranquil protected cove surrounded by coral reef

Au Leuk is little gem of a beach with beautiful sand, turquoise water.
Credits: Kohtaocompleteguide.com

Freedom Beach: Trip on the giant stepping stones on aventurine waters

Freedom Beach is hidden Beach Near Patong in Phuket.
Credits: Agoda.com

Chalok Bay: As it’s not the best spot for water sports, the beach is quiet

 Chalok Bay is one of the quiet bays of Koh Tao
Credits: Kohtaocompleteguide.com

Ao Tanot Bay: Vibrant but, sometimes too crowded

Ao Tanot Bay, is one of the ideal spots in Thailand.
Credits: Thefunkyturtle.com

When Is the Best Time to Visit Koh Tao?

For the enjoying warm and sunny weather, visit in December to February although the visibility is low at this time. Take a tuk-tuk if you don’t want to drive unsafe; they are accessible and affordable. July until September is the best time to visit if you drive or visibility is a priority for you.

How to Reach Koh Tao?

You can fly to Koh Samui and take a 2-hour ferry to this island. Another way to reach the island is via Chumphun island ferry.

Krabi Adventure Islands in Thailand

Krabi Beach in Thailand.
Credits: Krabi-hotels.com

Start your Thai island exploration from Krabi to save time!

Adventure trips like jungle trekking and rock climbing at the main reasons why you should include Krabi. Safe and picturesque, locals in Krabi are friendly too. To feel the thrill, go for water sports activities when in Krabi. Remember, during pre-Covid, Krabi offers tranquil sands of sunshine throughout the year.

What to Do in Krabi?

  • Visit the Cave Temple at Wat Sam Thua
  • Relax in the hot springs of Klong Thom
  • Loosen your tensions to beachside massage
  • Trek inside Thung Teao Forest Natural Park
  • Food Hopping around Krabi
  • Check out the Emerald Pool
  • White Water Rafting Songpraek River
  • Rock Climbing karst mountains at Railay beach

Which are the Best Beaches in Krabi?

Railay Beach: Nestle away into a place without roads, embraced by the ocean waves

World's Most Beautiful Railay Beach in Krabi Thailand.
Credits: Backpackerswanderlust.com

Ko Si Boya: Quiet and undisturbed tranquillity adorn the shores of this beach

Ko Siboya is a small island of south Krabi.
Credits: Mapio.net

Phra Nang: Perfect for cave explorers and paddle-lovers

Phra Nang is the beautiful beach with Limestone Mountain and cliff.
Credits: Flickr / Antonio Brandano

Ao Thalane: Heaven for kayaking lovers

Ao Thalane is most popular location of Kayaking.
Credits: Krabi-magazine.com

When Is the Best Time to Visit Krabi?

Weather-wise, Krabi is best enjoyed in the peak season from November to March. Due to heavy rainfall from June to October, it is best not to plan your trip during off-season.

How to Reach Krabi?

You can fly to Krabi International Airport from Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. For a budget trip, catch a bus from Bangkok or Phuket to Krabi. You can also do a road trip to Krabi from Phuket or Bangkok.

Koh Lanta Tropical Islands in Thailand

An oasis tucked away in paradise, Koh Lanta is surrounded by teal waters and biscotti hued sands backed by emerald hillocks. You select the part of Koh Lanta you want to visit based on the culture. Koh Lanta Noi is the calm and quiet part of the island while Koh Lanta Yai is the busy touristy corner.

When you’re not diving, enjoy the sun-bleached sands at deserted beaches with your beau by the side in Koh Lanta!

What to Do in Koh Lanta?

  • Hot Yoga in Koh Lanta
  • Book your trip to Emerald Cave on a Boat
  • Volunteer at Lanta Animal Welfare Center (and walk a rescue dog!)
  • Hike to the Top of the Lighthouse at Lanta National Park
  • Kayaking on the mint green sea with your lady love
  • Sunset Session Parties on Long Beach
  • Have High Tea at the Tea House within the jungle

Which are the Best Beaches in Koh Lanta?

Long Beach: Take a long beach walk with twilight painting your backdrop

The Popular and Beautiful Koh Lanta Long Beach Koh Lanta,Thailand.
Credits: Flickr / Bokeh & Travel

Kantiang Bay: Swim or soak in the tropical sun

Kantiang Bay , Kantiang Beach Koh Lanta Thailand.
Credits: Flickr / Our Life at 10

Klong Khong: Best beach on Lanta with budget food and activities

Klong Khong beach in Koh Lanta Thailand.
Credits: Thailandlife.info

Waterfall Bay: Hike to the Waterfall from the bay

Ao Klong Jark nicknamed Waterfall Bay in Koh Lanta Thailand.
Credits: Easydaythailand.com

When Is the Best Time to Visit Koh Lanta?

If you want to avoid the rains, visit the dry hot seasons from January to April. Don’t bother going from June to October as everything is closed in Lanta during the time.

How to Reach Koh Lanta?

Located between the mainland and Ko Phi Phi islands, Koh Lanta is a 1-hour boat ride from Krabi. You can also take a 4-hour ferry from Phuket. Note that ferries only operate from November to April.

Before You Go …

If you’re taking a short vacation, going to all of these five islands might be out of scope. You can instead, pick your favourite based on distance, duration and personal attractions.

Our pick is Koh Pha Ngan for its diverse assortment of activities and experiences. As a bonus tip for newbies, Leo is the best local beer to chug when in Thailand.

­Bon Voyage~

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