Hi there!

Prior to the Covid Pandemic, Whenever my friends come for holidays, I had always been the source of information whenever they visit. As every good host will do, I started to prepare guides and travel routes for them, telling them where they should go and what they can try to eat. Everyone more or less kicks off from Bangkok since it is the capital, you get to do the shopping and parties before they travel out to the usual beaches, hikes, and sightseeing. 

Of course, it is relatively not possible currently and I am sure many people missed coming to Thailand. So, since I have actively been helping out with friends, I thought: “Why don’t I start a travel blog and share it with the rest of the world?” So, with this, I started Thailand Upclose with only a thought which is to present Thailand from a different perspective, one where we go in search of places that are very local.

Why local, you ask me?

Well, It is actually the best way to truly travel the country and while we all wait for the country to open, I hope this would help you in your planning for your upcoming trip 

With you, I hope to achieve the following:

  • To create a community for people who are interested to visit here regardless if it is for leisure or work purposes. 
  • To help you understand Thailand better and provide you with useful information that is beneficial for you. 
  • To exchange your experiences, to share and to learn from each other, most importantly experience it like no other.